We use a natural water-based hormone that is prescribed by your doctor called hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). This hormone is produced in abundant quantities within the body during pregnancy. While this hormone is not approved by the FDA for weight-loss, it is approved when treating infertility, increased production of progesterone, hypogonadism, and along with steroids to treat testicular atrophy.

Yes. The FDA approved usages have been used in the treatment of infertility for decades and in much larger dosages than are used in our program.

If you do this, there is no guarantee as to what you will receive. hCG is a controlled substance ONLY available through prescription. At Your Fat Loss Coach, we ONLY use pharmaceutical grade hCG. This is prescribed by a medical doctor after you have had blood work and are cleared by the physician.

No. The hCG is not synthetic, but is a water-based hormone that remains in your blood for three days after your last treatment.

No, our clients are screened by our team medical doctor. We cannot treat clients who presently have the following medical conditions:

  • A history of heart disease and are taking nitrates for it
  • If you have diabetes and are taking insulin by injection only
  • If you presently have cancer

This is necessary to determine if any condition exists that would make our treatment ill advised. Although weight-loss is important to us, your overall health is our primary concern. If you do not live in South Florida, we will need you to give us your medical history and blood test results for our doctor to review. If everything is acceptable, we will proceed with our program.

Medical history and medication information are required. Lab tests include CBC with dif/, basic metabolic panel, lipid panel, hepatic function panel, free T-4 and TSH. Also a PSA is required for men over the age of 50 and an hCG blood serum test is required for women uncertain of pregnancy.

Yes, we have several. Dr. Melvin Propis, M.D.; Dr. Joseph James, N.P.; Dr. Carlos J. Haro, DO, DAAPM, CPE; Dr. Richard Hill; ARNP Deysi Maderos; Dr. Jesus Jimenez-Barredo.

If you strictly follow our program and follow directions, our program can bring relief to every case of obesity.

No you do not. However, we recommend incorporating walking or some aerobic exercise 3 times per week. We feel this will help you to develop a healthy pattern that will benefit you in other ways to an overall healthy lifestyle.

No. We provide you with a specific menu with a variety of foods. We also offer meal plans to aid you in your success.

At Your Fat Loss Coach, we focus on the LONG TERM results. Once we have addressed and corrected the physiological reason affecting weight, we also concentrate in the behavioral reasons. Also, after you have completed any of the programs, you will find that your appetite will have changed. With that being said, you will be able to easily maintain your new weight. We also offer continued wellness coaching as a way to keep our clients on track.

We provide several types of packages with different payment plans. Prices start at $647.

Great! You can complete the form on the home page and we will call you to set up your free consultation. Then to move on, we either set an appointment with our doctor, or if you are not local, we will require you to complete some questionnaires. Once that is done, we accept payment, and start your program.

Your Fat Loss Coach

Your Fat Loss Coach

We see and believe in the highest potential of each client. We are not sharing our opinions, but rather our experiences about fat loss and nutrition of not just our own selves but the thousands that we have helped throughout the years.

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